Evolve Power Clean Combo
Evolve Power Clean Combo
Evolve Power Clean Combo
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Evolve Power Clean Combo

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Looking for a safe and versatile biodegradable heavy duty cleaner with natural bacteria micobes? Look no further ... 

Our Evolve Power Clean is suitable for use in cleaning and decontamination of rims, engines, metal parts, suspension and paintwork. It removes oil, grease and tar.

Our Power Clean can also be used to clean nasty stains on carpets and clothes. Always test compatibility before use. 

Spray onto the surface and allow contact time as necessary. Work with a sponge or brush and then rinse with water. Items can also be soaked in a bucket if longer cleaning is required.

  • Important – it won’t break the bank!  This product will cost you R35 per 750ml refill when you buy our 50ml concentrate. It doesn’t get cheaper than that!
  • PLEASE buy our refills to fill your original containers. We’re promoting multi-use plastic rather than single use plastic.  If you can’t re-use it, please recycle it!  Refills cost A LOT less and plastic won’t end up floating around in our oceans!
  • All natural food grade ingredients. No animal ingredients and completely Vegan.
  • Not tested on animals – only tested on humans for humans 😊
  • Proudly South African – manufactured and packaged by South Africans for South Africans in South Africa.
  • Non toxic, non carcinogenic. Gentle on skin and our environment.
  • The best part! It’s fully biodegradable and will not contaminate water sources.
  • Suitable for use with septic and grey water systems.
  • Our colourants and fragrances are hypo-allergenic.
  • The waffle that you should probably know - This product contains indigenous natural microbials, which keep surfaces, drains and sponges clean.  The microbes that get washed down the drain will continue to remove nitrates, nitrites and ammonia from waste water and keep your grey water or septic tank fresher for longer.
  • We tried to choose good looking and quality 50ml bottles so they can be re-used for your travel cosmetics and toiletries. Please rinse and re-use wherever possible. If you can't, then please recycle.

AVAILABLE SIZES : 750ml Trigger, 50ml Concentrate Refill, 5L Ready to Use & 5L Concentrate.

For refills, fill the empty 750ml with water until ¾ full.  Add the 50ml concentrate contents and top up with more water.

Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohols C9-11 ethoxylated, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Di-succinate, Perfume: Cherry 543 MOD, Indigenous Microbes (Probiotics).

When using our natural products, you can rest assured that you are not harming either yourself or your environment.

Please note that this product is free of palm oil and its derivatives!