Our Story

How we started.

The Evolve Biodegradable story started sometime during 2016 when I was sitting on my couch scrolling on my phone on social media. I came across a video that had gone viral about a turtle found with a plastic straw stuck in its nose. I’m sure many people remember this particular video. If not, and you can bear to watch it. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2J2qdOrW44. Please note that this video is not for sensitive viewers.

This video really moved me, and caused me to really take stock of my impact on the environment, both personally, and from my business perspective.



I immediately started recycling at home, which was not easy at first, because I was so used to just dumping everything in the rubbish, and moving on with my day.  Now I had to actually think about what I was putting in the rubbish, and start reading labels on the various packaging.  Recycling isn’t available in our area so I sourced an independent company to collect, which at an affordable R100 per month.  Only catch was I had to wash all my recyclables but I could dump all glass, plastic and tin into one bin and they would sort it. Easy once you get the hang of it and and get out of the ‘one bin’ habit! My rubbish for council collection went from 1 bag a day to one small bag a week.  The recycling bag was two large clear bags per week! I couldn’t believe how much was going into landfill before.

From my business perspective, I decided that my staff also had to start recycling and it was a non-negotiable if you wanted to work with me.

Then I had to look at what I was selling and we (Evalution Flooring), import vinyl flooring from reputable brands in Europe and the UK. I started looking for ways to make the product more sustainable and upon Googling, we came across GreenTag Certification which is a certification system for the world’s best eco products. It turned out to be a lengthy and fairly expensive exercise but in the end we got there and both our mFlor and Amtico vinyl flooring products were GreenTag Certified which meant great indoor air quality once installed and everything possible was being done to take care of our environment during the manufacturing process, as well as an ethical employment process by not only the factory, but all ingredients that make up the product.

With that underway, we were contacted by GreenTag to say that they had just certified a biodegradable floor cleaning product which would go perfectly with our flooring products.  I thought this was a fantastic idea to get involved with the product.  Upon reviewing the floor cleaner, we discovered there was a whole range of biodegradable products that we could get.  I, my friends, staff and family used and tested the products for almost a year to make sure they worked well. So in 2020, a year for many that we’d rather forget, Evolve Biodegradable was born!

What started out as a “greener” floor cleaning solution has grown into cleaning products, washing detergents, body wash, hand wash and a wonderful non-alcohol based sanitizer that has proven to be wonderful for sensitive skins and it also came with a whole pile of other little tricks that it was useful for, like a mosquito and fly repellant. We even have our own delightful Fragrance Booster for your laundry and a ‘Before you Go Loo spray’ called Eau de Poof.


Who we are

We are passionate about the environment and our impact on it. That is why we request that you re-use or recycle the packaging from our products where possible. With the 5L containers, you'll often find that there are NPO's needing containers so you can always drop these off in your area. Alternatively if you are close to our offices, you can drop off your empty 5L containers and we can re-use them again. Our primary goal is to ensure as little plastic into landfill as possible.

We encourage multi-use plastic where possible, which is why we sell good quality bottles and refills so you can keep using them over and over again.  The triggers on our cleaning products should last a couple of years so you can keep using them again and again, and they are also fully plastic and therefore fully recyclable.


Why choose us

Local is lekka! Our products are proudly South African - manufactured and packaged by South Africans. There are also locally sourced microbes in the products which produce the enzymes needed to break down dirt and bacteria. 

Our products are free from harmful ingredients, contain no carcinogenic substances, are non-toxic and best of all are purely plant based and therefore vegan.  None of our products have been tested on animals at any stage of the process from raw ingredients to manufacture.  Our products are tested by humans, for humans.


How to get hold of us

Be part of the solution and make a difference. Keep it natural and contact us for fast and friendly service on 087 821 6620 or evolve@evalution.co.za.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly

The Evolve Biodegradable Team

(Eva, Anelda & Megan)

Evolve Biodegradable Team - Anelda, Eva and Megan

Anelda (left), Eva (middle) and Megan (right)