Evolve 1kg Oxygen Bleach with Microbes

Evolve 1kg Oxygen Bleach with Microbes

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Just launched ... our new Evolve Oxygen Bleach! We're so excited :).

This product is biodegradable, biologically active (containing probiotic bateria) and citrus scented using natural lemon verbena, which will leave your laundry bright and smelling wonderful.

  • All natural ingredients. No animal ingredients - Vegan!
  • Not tested on animals – only tested on humans for humans 😊
  • Proudly South African – manufactured and packaged by South Africans for South Africans in South Africa.
  • Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-genetically modified, and non-pathogenic. Gentle on skin and our environment.
  • The best part! It’s fully biodegradable and will not contaminate water sources.
  • Suitable for use with septic tanks.
  • The waffle that you should probably know - This product contains indigenous natural microbials, which keep surfaces, drains and sponges clean.  The microbes that get washed down the drain will continue to remove nitrates, nitrites and ammonia from waste water and keep your grey water or septic tank fresher for longer.

Directions for use: 

For light-duty, dilute 1 in 1000.
For medium duty cleaning dilute 1 in 100.
For extreme heavy duty, make a 1 in 10 paste.
For general laundry, add 10 - 20g of product per 5kg load of washing.
For pre-soaking or dirty mops and cloths, add 20 - 40g per 10L of water.
The product is also workable using a brush, scourer or sponge.

Unlike cheaper and environmentally damaging chlorine-based bleaches, this product releases pure oxygen to sanitize and brighten both whites and colors. It is a perfect pairing to our citrus gel, which is popular in laundry applications for those seeking an affordable green product alternative. Oxy bleach is suitable for natural and synthetic textiles.

Ideal for pre-soaking dirty laundry, bedding, mops and dish clothes, before washing. It serves as an excellent stain removal and brightening agent for floors, baths and showers, ceramics, tiles, grout and more.

Ingredients: Sodium Percarbonate; Sodium Chloride; Soda Ash; Lemon Verbena, Pine and Lavender essential oils; Indigenous Microbes (Probiotics).