Evolve Cleaning Combo 2

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Evolve Cleaning Combo 2

Consists of our 750ml All Purpose Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Super Clean, Floor Finisher and Hand & Surface Sanitizer.

Evolve All purpose Cleaner 750ml

Ideal for use on all washable surfaces including floors, carpets, upholstery, windows, walls, work surfaces and more.

Evolve Bathroom Cleaner 750ml

Suitable for use in bathrooms, toilets, showers and restrooms.

Evolve Super Clean 750ml

A degreaser for medium duty cleaning. Ideal for use in washable cleaning applications, including spot cleaning, deep cleaning, laundry pre-wash, removal of food fats, oils, greases and more.

Evolve Floor Finisher 750ml

Suitable for cleaning, finishing and protecting all hard floor surfaces.

Evolve Hand & Surface Sanitizer 750ml

A non-alcohol based biodegradable hand & Surface Sanitizer with moisturizing oils.  This product is designed to deal with hands and surfaces.  It cleans, sanitizes and imparts a mild mint fragrance.  Perfect to keep mozzies and flies away too!  Sanitizer by day and mozzie repellant by night!