Evolve Body Wash 500ml

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Our Evolve Biodegradable Body Wash is a luxurious bath and shower gel which leaves skin clean and refreshed without drying it out.  It’s gentle on all skin types and suitable for sensitive skin.  Infused with natural glycerine, argan, moringa and vitamin E oils.

Available Sizes: 500ml, 1L and 5L Refills.

We promote purchasing the original product and then refills to avoid single use plastic where possible.  This method of refilling not only helps our environment but also keeps costs down.

This product contains indigenous natural microbials, which keep surfaces, drains and sponges clean.  The microbes that get washed down the drain will continue to remove nitrates, nitrites and ammonia from waste water and keep your grey water or septic tank fresher for longer.

Our products are non-toxic and biodegrade within 28 days.

When using our natural products, you can rest assured that you are not harming either yourself or your environment. Even the colourant and fragrance are hypo-allergenic.

Our products are manufactured and packaged in South Africa and are free of any carcinogenic substances.  Our products are not tested on animals, are plant based and therefore vegan friendly.

Using this product starts the waste water treatment at source which a huge step to looking after our environment.