Evolve Bathroom Cleaner Refill - 50ml Concentrate

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Our Evolve Biodegradable Bathroom Cleaner is suitable for use in bathrooms, toilets, showers and restrooms.  Spray and work product onto surface as necessary.  Rinse off with water or wipe with a damp cloth.  Perfect for use in showers which reduces the build up of mould when used regularly.

Available Sizes: 750ml Spray Bottle with a 50ml Concentrate Refill

For refills, add the 50ml concentrate contents to your 750ml and fill with water.

This product cleans using microbials, which are good bacteria.  On contact, they release enzymes to break down tough dirt and digest bad bacteria that cause odours.  After you have finished cleaning, microbes will be left behind on the surface to keep watch against undesirables.

The microbials that go down the drain will naturally continue to remove nitrates, nitrites and ammonia from waste water.

Our products are non-toxic and biodegrade within 28 days.

When using our natural products, you can rest assured that you are not harming either yourself or your environment.

Our products are manufactured and packaged in South Africa and are free of any carcinogenic substances.  Our products are not tested on animals, are plant based and therefore vegan friendly.

Using the product starts the waste water treatment at source which a huge step to looking after our environment.

Please note that this product is free of palm oil and its derivatives!